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Assessment forms greyed out areas




  • Sarah Bettison

    Hi Jemima,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    It was our understanding that these fields were for the assessor to complete, however I do see an argument for trainees being able to complete certain fields on forms if this alleviates any unnecessary additional correspondence between the assessor and themselves.

    I will pass your suggestion to our contact at the College for their consideration.

  • Jemima Jackson

    Thank you. The fields I mentioned (ICD-10 code, previous knowledge of the patient and emphasis of assessment) all used to be available for the trainee to pre-fill which made it a lot easier for non-medical assessors in particular.

    Another change is that there is no longer a synopsis box for assessments, only the capability to link a case log. The case log may apply to more than one assessment and is therefore more generalised so there is now no place to put in writing the specific thing that is being assessed or any reflection for discussion with the assessor about how it went. This is particularly frustrating when sending a 'ticket' to an assessor to be completed as I have to contact them separately to remind them what aspect we were assessing. Previously there was a synopsis box to be filled in by the trainee as well as the option to link a case log. Please could this be raised to the College?

    Many thanks


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