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Auto-save option




  • Official comment
    Sarah Bettison

    Thank you for your suggestion, Elizabeth.

    Losing work on Portfolio Online is not something we hear of very often, but this certainly can happen if people navigate away from a page without saving.

    If users wish data to be saved on the system, we like to give them the autonomy to choose when to do this, rather than have them rely on an autosave feature which may not save at a time that is suitable to them.

    Users can save their work as a draft if they wish the information they have entered to remain private, or they can submit their work if they wish the information they have entered to be viewed by others. For longer documents, such reports, we have added an additional 'Save Progress' button after each section to make it easier to save these documents regularly.

  • Dr Samuel James Brookfield

    I find this is happening to me regularly - I get interrupted and don't get opportunity to save, or I change networks, lose VPN, network connectivity, computer crashes, runs out of battery. 

    Modern browsers seem able to recover the data I've entered, but the portfolio doesn't accept submission even when you've re-logged in a separate tab with the system showing an internal server error.

    Please could you consider either enabling an auto-save as private draft function, or fix the internal server error when submitted once the browser recovers


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