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Dual training issues in mapping




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    Simon Bettison

    Hi Mrityunjai,

    Thanks for this suggestion you'll be pleased to know that we are currently working on an update that we hope will make it a little easier to work with the mapping of activities via your PDP.

    Cosmina: I understand your concern around the lack of clarity as regards what you should map and how much per year. Whilst your primary source of information should be discussion with your Educational Supervisor or TPD, I would suggest that it is our understanding that a pragmatic approach should be taken when considering mapping - with a focus on quality of evidence over quantity of mappings.

    To explain that a little more, it is often the case as a higer trainee doing a dual specialty your post is typically focused more on one specialty - during that post you would typically create PDP items based on the corresponding curriculum (provide your post specialty has been set, the system should default to this curriculum on the PSPDP page).

    As to how much of the curriculum should be covered, we understand that this is based on the opportunities that the post provides and that it is not necessary to cover every HLO in every post (and in particular on both curriculum each post for dual trainees).

    The main goal at the end of your training 3+ years of higher training is that all capabilities would eventually be considered when considering the body of evidence in its entirety. The best place to keep track of this is on the Curriculum Coverage page ( Portfolio > Activities > View as Curriculum Coverage ) as this, by default, shows all your activity mappings whether direct or via your PDP.

    One final thing to note is that your PDP is more of a prospective tool, with PDP items created at the beginning of each post. As the post transpries it may be that you undertake activities that were not planned for, and that are useful for demonstrating competency/capability outside of the HLO you had create Post objectives for.

    If this happens then you can always map these activities directly to the curriculum (as opposed to via your PDP) so that these activities can be counted towards your overall demonstration of competency/capability.

    Likewise, this can also be used if you are e.g in a General Adult post, with General Adult PDP set up, and you happent o undertake an actvity that would be good for demonstrating competency capability on the Forensic Curriculum - to do this, you would go to the activity mapping screen and use the drop down to select the Forensic Curriculum and map directly to the relevant competencies.

    I hope that this helps clarify somewhat. If you have any specific questions about your own portfolio please feel free to email us on


  • Cosmina Cross

    I've only transitioned to the new curriculum in February and I find this a lot more difficult to work with. I'm also dual trainee GAP-Forensic - ST6, but ST4 in Forensics. It gets all very confusing - my portfolio now shows that I am not meeting capabilities for GAP (apart from 1 or 2 overlaps). I don't know if I need to rebuild all the previous 2 years of GAP training in the last 6 months left for in general adult! 

    Are we meant to cover all capabilities every year of training for both specialities? Who knows? I hope the ARCP panel is more clued up


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