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Removing 2013 curriculum




  • Simon Bettison

    Whilst we understand the majority of people will be mapping to the 2016 curriculum, we also need to provide for those people who may have different requirements.

    We've ordered the list of "Available Curriculum" such that the most recent are grouped at the top under the heading "Currently Available" and older curriculum are at the bottom of the list under the heading "Legacy". Each curriculum has the relevant year of issue against it. We felt this should be clear enough indication for trainees to ensure they select the correct curriculum.

    The exception to this is where a trainee has already started working to map against a particular curriculum, if a curriculum has been used then this is pulled to the top of the list under the heading "Active Frameworks", allowing you to quickly select the framework(s) that you are currently mapping to.

    This design decision was made as a result of having spoken to a number of deaneries to understand how curriculum revisions are handled. The general view was that where a curriculum changes during training (ie core/higher level) a trainee can elect to stay on the older curriculum until they complete that stage of training. This was considered to be the most pragmatic view, as split mappings over two curricula versions makes it more difficult for ARCP panels. Indeed the GMC allow a couple of years grace to cater for this.

    Having said that, its likely that we will look to remove some of the older legacy curricula once we are sure that they are no longer needed.


  • Amit Chorghade

    Hello, I have spent a huge amount of time...I am ST4, so I do not need my activities or assessments linked to Core2013 curriculum, but this HAS HAPPENED by mistake sometime last year.....

    the consequence is painful, my PDP is incomplete as it keeps saying that I have only completed 2/6 competencies of Leadership and management.

  • Sarah Bettison

    I'm really sorry to hear that Dr Chorghade and understand how frustrating that might be.

    We have put some tweets out on our Twitter feed to alert other users to the fact there are two curricula to help prevent them from making a similar mistake.



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