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Purpose of PDP



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  • Simon Bettison

    The purpose of the PDP is twofold, firstly it is to assist in the formative learning process. It allows supervisors and trainees to discuss individual learning needs and document them in the form of Learning Objectives.

    The second purpose is to encourage creation of learning objectives that are specifically geared towards evidencing competency. The system encourages trainees to link learning objectives to curriculum competencies. One of the benefits of doing this, is that you can subsequently map activities to your PDP Item via these linked competencies and that this is then automatically reflected in your curriculum coverage.

    We understand that sometimes activities may evidence competencies that are not specifically covered in your current PDP. To support this kind of opportunistic learning we also allow for mapping directly to the curriculum.

    If you wish, then you can choose not link your PDP Items to the curriculum. In this case you could simply map all activities directly to the curriculum.

    As you have identified, people use the portfolio in different ways and so we have tried to design the system to accommodate this.


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